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Our UK Clothing

Our UK clothing factory is a based in the North East of England only 5 minutes drive from the town centre and A19.


We have also invested in new state of the art digital software. This enables us to have virtual fit sessions, pattern altering ,sampling and grading. Reducing the cost and waste of  traditional garment sampling method.

The factory has over 50 sewing machines that enables us to manufacture many different products with our highly experienced team.

sewing machines in a uk clothing factory
ethical manufacturing on grey union jack

Ethical Clothing
Manufacturing UK

At the heart of our UK-based clothing manufacturing lies a steadfast commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. We proudly adhere to stringent standards that ensure the well-being of our workers, the community, and the environment. Our production processes are designed to minimise waste and reduce our carbon footprint, embracing sustainable materials and methods whenever possible.


We believe in transparency, responsibility, and the power of making conscious choices. By choosing us, our clients support a future where fashion not only looks good but does good too. Discover how we're weaving sustainability and ethics into every stitch and seam, crafting not just garments, but a better world.

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Model WEARING made in britain union jack dress
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