Quality British Garment Manufacturing.

Our Leeds clothing factory is set over 10,000 square feet with over 40 machines including a new automated laying up machine.

We have also invested in new state of the art digital software. This enables us to have virtual fit sessions, pattern altering ,sampling and grading.

Reducing the cost and waste of  traditional garment sampling method.

Our Leeds factory setup is geared towards tailored and soft tailored products. Utilising the best fabrics from local Yorkshire Mills

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Ethical and Low Carbon Footprint Clothing manufacturing UK

Our Hartlepool clothing factory is a new build property based in the North East of England only 5 minutes drive from the town centre and A19.


Being a new build it has the highest ratings of energy efficiency and low carbon output.

This factory has over 30 sewing machines that enables us to manufacture many different products with our highly experienced team.