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UK Clothing Factory
Pre Production Services

We are proud to offer high-quality, clothing manufacturing services right here in the UK. Our highly skilled garment technical team and production machinists will ensure you get exactly what you want, making your designs a reality.

tailor pattern making and cutting fabric

UK Garment Pattern

With over 40 years’ experience our in-house garment pattern team can make your fashion vision a reality. We can work from sketches, images or an existing garment to create a set of patterns to your brands exact requirements ready for a sample to be made.

Once you’re happy with your initial pattern and concept sample, we will grade a full size set to your requirements. All patterns are your property and yours to keep.

As every product is different all price quotes are dealt with on an individual basis.

Pattern Making

UK Garment Pattern

Our team of garment technical experts have many years experience in manual grading of patterns.

Alongside our manual capabilities We have invested in new state of the art digital pattern and grading software. This enables us to have virtual fit sessions, pattern altering ,sampling and grading.

Reducing the cost and waste of  traditional garment sampling method.

Pattern Grading

digital pattern making equipment software image
union jack worn by fashion model

UK Tech Packs For
Clothing Manufacturing

With over four decades of expertise, our internal team of garment pattern and design specialists is equipped to transform your fashion concepts into reality. Utilizing sketches, photographs, or pre-existing garments, we are adept at crafting detailed technical specification TECH PACKS for your designs. These packs are universally applicable, allowing for seamless use at any production facility worldwide, should you opt not to engage our manufacturing services.

Tech Pack Garment Services

UK Garment
Sample Room

Our vastly experienced sample machinists can bring to life your vision and advise you on ways to improve your product for production and fabric utilisation, making sure you are getting the best possible product with minimal waste and cost.

Sample Room

sewing machine uk black and white photograph
clothing factory uk sewing machines


Depending on style we can produce up to 3000 garments per month within our ethical UK clothing manufacturing production unit

Our vastly experienced and skilled team produce garments to the highest standards with checks on quality and measurement throughout all stages of the production process.

Our team can offer fast turnaround and low minimum order quantities


Global Fashion Sourcing

Our many years in the fashion industry have enabled us to build a vast network of contacts in all areas of the fashion supply chain.

Our knowledge and contacts in this area will help your brand find and develop your garments making sure you have the right suppliers for your product. Meeting if not surpassing the necessary quality and legal requirements for your individual needs.


fabric sourcing map of the world
model in orange bomber jacket

Private Label

Have a brand Idea? Need help?

Apparel Inspired's private label service can help. We can manage all aspects of the design and development of your products ensuring your brand meets the highest standards of quality and ethical production.

By using our private label service, you will be accessing the full range of the teams many years experience in the garment industry, leaving you the time to develop your marketing strategies to drive sales for you clothing brands.

Private Label

UK Garment Cutting

From sample cutting to capacity for 1000 units per week our professional experienced cutting room can cover all your cutting needs.

All our cutting and laying up is done by hand enabling us to inspect fabric as we go. This also allows jersey fabrics optimal relaxation which gives consistency of product. We keep fully recorded laying up and cutting sheets enabling you to go back to your supplier with shortages and faults ensuring you get what you pay for.

We can also offer a textile slitting service of fabric on the roll for binding and bias binding.


textile cutting machine uk
ethical manufacturing model art on union jack

Special Sewing

Do you have a specialist item that needs a fabric sewing or cutting element to the project? From engineering wearables for technology  or developing a product from outside the clothing industry we can help.

Special Projects

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