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UK Clothing Manufacturing

Welcome to Apparel Inspired Ltd Our UK Design and technical clothing factory.

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Clothing Manufacturing


Q. What is the price for pre production services such as pattern        making, grading and tech packs?

A. Please sign up to our mailing list for a rate card.


Q. Can you give me a unit price for production? 

A. We can only give rough estimates at the start but once your first sample is made and the stitching team have worked out the SMV standard minute value, we can give a full costing.


Q. What are your MOQs? 

A. 50 pcs per style across multiple sizes.


Q. What are your lead-times for sample making and production?

A. Sample Making 1 - 2 weeks once all fabric and trims are in our factory.

A. Production 4- 6 weeks depending on style and subject to all fabric and trims being in with us.


We do not start production unless all fabric, trims and components are in the factory.


Q. Where will my garments be made? 

A. We produce all your garments in our UK factory unless you have requested our global sourcing and manufacturing service.


Q.Can you source fabrics and trims?

A. Yes, we can source fabric and trims from anywhere in the world and create fabric ratings and PO’s for you order. However we DO NOT buy fabric or trims on our clients behalf.


Q. What information do you need on the initial contact email?

A.Initially just a brief description of what you are looking for


Hello Apparel inspired Team.

I’m interested in starting my own activewear brand,  I’m looking to create 1 legging and 1 tee shirt. I would need the following. Tech pack, pattern making, sample.

Could you let me know 

Then any other information you want to add.

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