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Global Fashion Fabric & Trims
Sourcing Service

Global ethical and sustainable fabric and trims sourcing services right here in the UK.

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Ethical & Sustainable Global 
Fabric Sourcing

Leverage the expertise of our global sourcing team, dedicated to the ethical and sustainable sourcing of fabrics and trims. Our extensive experience in the fashion industry has allowed us to establish a broad network of contacts across the fashion supply chain, focusing on suppliers who meet our high standards for sustainability and ethical practices.

This depth of knowledge and connection is a pivotal asset for your brand, assisting in the discovery and development of your garments with suppliers that align with your ethos.

We ensure these partners not only meet but exceed the necessary quality and legal standards, perfectly matching your unique requirements. Rely on us to streamline the complexities of global sourcing, delivering ethical and sustainable fabric and trim solutions that elevate your brand's commitment to responsible fashion.

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