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UK Garment
Tech Pack Service

We are proud to offer high-quality, garment tech pack services right here in the UK.

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UK Tech Packs For
Clothing Manufacturing

With over four decades of expertise, our internal team of garment pattern and design specialists is equipped to transform your fashion concepts into reality. Utilising sketches, photographs, or pre-existing garments, we are adept at crafting detailed technical specification TECH PACKS for your designs. These packs are universally applicable, allowing for seamless use at any production facility worldwide, should you opt not to engage our manufacturing services.

Opting for TECH PACKS created by an experienced clothing manufacturer like ourselves ensures that your garment specifications are comprehensive and tailored to the practical requirements of a production environment. This approach guarantees the inclusion of all pertinent information necessary for manufacturing, as opposed to encountering TECH PACKS laden with extraneous details, often produced by designers lacking firsthand manufacturing experience. Such precision in our TECH PACKS not only facilitates efficiency but also enhances the feasibility of bringing your designs to life, irrespective of the chosen production location.

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