Brand Development

Being able to communicate your ideas clearly with our team, and with English as the mother tongue, will help you get exactly what you are looking for, ‘right first time’ without the need and expense of resampling. Helping you get your product to market in the quickest possible time.


Low MOQs

Low minimum order quantities allows you to test the market with your products, without the need to hold a large amount of stock. Stock ties up cash and the risk of need to discount to sell off slow selling or out of season merchandise.


Fast Turnaround

Have you got a product or colour selling fast? With as little as a three weeks turnaround you can maximize sales with no need to speculate on stock. Typically  concept to finished production can be just 5 weeks and top up orders in 3 weeks.


Ethical Manufacturing

Our co – workers enjoy full rights, a living wage and more. We produce all our products in a healthy, happy and safe environment making sure we adhere to the latest health and safety standards and working practices.


We do not engage in chasing margin to the detriment of our ethical principles.


Recent exposures have highlighted that this has been the case abroad and within the UK in the pursuit of cheap clothing by some prominent brands and retailers.


The real cost of clothing to the environment and employees is the pursuit of margin at any cost and the  blatant disregard of the industry being the second worst polluter on the planet.


We have full transparency within our company, and we are happy for you to arrange to visit us at any time, from initial meeting through to checking on your production. We also engineer garments to produce minimal waste and recycle where possible ensuring a low carbon footprint for your product.


British manufactured goods are renowned worldwide for their quality. If you have interest in developing your brand into overseas markets, a great place to start is with a UK designed and manufactured product.

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Manufacturing in Britain

Garment Manufacture in the UK ?

  • Brand Development

  • Low MOQs

  • Fast Turnaround

  • Ethical Manufacturing​​

  • Quality